Final Challenge

So going through a friendly divorce has its own unique problems Im finding out. My ex-wife and I have talked a lot and about a lot of things ever since we separated because we are still closer to each other than anyone else we know. Somehow its also not completely uncomfortable to be talking to each other about new people were dating either. But theres a new development where in my ex is closer to being in a new relationship than I am. I don’t even want to be in a relationship at all, so its not as if were in a race. But now that she’s finally meeting someone she’s really interested in, its a new challenge. By Finally, I mean less than 6 months of course, but she’s been waiting for this much longer than we’ve been separated obviously. My point is, when she gets closer to someone new than she is to me, then I’m pushed out. So you get this feeling of loss all over again, when you thought you had gotten all the negative feelings out of the way already.